About SGA

At SGA, we offer our clients more that simple legal advice - we offer you legal solutions based on a profound understanding of law and business, as well as attention to detail, solutions that can be enacted with minimal effort and maximal results.

Our team

The SGA team brings together three lawyers with in-depth expertise in several areas of the law, lawyers that share a mutual passion for their work and dedication to the clients they represent.

Dragos Stefanescu-Goanga

Dragos Stefanescu-Goanga After being admitted into the Brasov Bar, Dragos Stefanescu-Goanga has acted as a junior associate with two of the leading law offices in Brasov and, since 2004, has been a founding member and the managing partner of SGA. His professional expertise includes commercial and corporate law, bankrupcy procedure, intellectual property and public procurement matters and he is also an experienced and well versed litigator.

Dragos Stefanescu-Goanga graduated the "Andrei Saguna" National College of Brasov and the "Transilvania" University Law School, obtaining a license in law.

Liliana Stefanescu-Goanga

Liliana Stefanescu-Goanga Since 1998 Liliana Stefanescu-Goanga has worked as an associate with a local law practice where she accumulated a rich professional experience, becoming a founding partner of SGA in 2004. Her expertise extends to real estate, administrative, economic criminality and employment matters, but also includes litigation and alternative dispute resoution.
Also, she undertakes pro bono work with a non-governmental organization in the area of prevention and response to domestic violence.

Liliana Stefanescu-Goanga graduated from "Dr. I. Mesota" National College and received a degree in law from the "George Baritiu" University Law School, being subsequently admitted to the Brasov Bar.

Our values

We constantly strive to exceed our client's expectations, offering them all the time and attention they require, whether their business is in its early stages or fully developed, and we do our best to correctly inform them about the timeframe, costs and expected outcome of each legal undertaking.

Every step taken in the name of our client is characterized by our total commitment to their best interest, our determination to achieve the best possible results as well as the attempt to reach and maintain the highest professional standards, the true measure of respect towards our client and the law.

Each member of our team stays permanently informed regarding the latest legal developments and is therefore able to provide efficient and timely solutions to the new legal issues that are created.

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