Practice areas

SGA provides its clients with legal services in the most important areas of the law with the main purpose of ensuring the protection of their rights and interests in an ever-increasing complex business environment and legislative system.

  • Commercial
  • SGA has the required expertise and resources to provide its clients with advice and assistance for drafting, negociating and supervising the execution of a wide range of commercial contracts including supply, services, distribution, financial and operational leasing, agency, consultancy, etc.
    Our main goal is to provide our clients with firm guarantees from their partners so that their business will not suffer from a possible lack of compliance with the terms of the agreement. Because of that, we take all necessary precautions to make sure of our client's partners' good-faith and, more importantly, solvency (due dilligence).
  • Corporate
  • Our team provides advice on incorporation and transformation of companies, regardless of the chosen legal entity type, drafts the company statutes and supervises the compliance of the corporate governance to those statutes.
    Also, we ensure our client's compliance to the legal requirements regarding company record-keeping, convening and holding shareholder meetings, election and revocation of company directors as well as share transfers.
  • Taxation
  • Our lawyers can provide advice regarding maximizing your investments and minimizing paid taxes, offering you assistance in all matters regarding VAT, profit and revenue tax, capital gain tax, as well as fiscal audits and taxation disputes; we also provide advice related to foreign investment incentives - eligilibily and procedures.
  • Bankruptcy
  • Our firm has accumulated a vast expertise in all legal and procedural aspects of bankruptcy through its own clients as well as collaborating with liquidation experts and firms.
    Because of that, we are able to offer qualified assistance to our clients whether they are filing for bankruptcy, are forced into liquidation or have no other way of recovering debts.
  • Public procurement
  • We provide advice on all matters pertaining to negociating and executing public procurement contracts, including aspects like eligibility, drafting the neccesary documentation and offers, representation with the public institutions implicated in the process, as well as appealing an unfavourable decision.
  • Administrative
  • We assist our clients in their relations with the local and national executive authorities and, when their rights and interests are infringed by executive acts, we help by drafting and arguing legal actions against those acts.
  • Intellectual property
  • Our clients benefit from our advice on matters including, but not limited to, trademark and invention registration with the proper authorities, as well as assistance and representation for the litigious procedures that take place with those institutions..
    Also, we provide qualified assistance in all matters relating to copyrights as well as software and internet applications.
  • Employment
  • SGA provides companies with advice for all aspects of employment relations, including drafting individual and collective employment contracts with non-competition and non-disclosure clauses, supervising their execution, disciplinary findings and sanctions, as well as individual or collective lay-offs and labour conflicts.
    Moreover, our in-depth knowledge of this special procedure allows us to assist and represent our clients in all cases of complex employment litigation.
  • Debt recovery
  • Our practice provides clients with efficient solutions for debt recovery, ranging from the extra-judicial (mediation, alternative payment plans, etc.) to court decision enforcement and, when necessary, urgent court procedures.
  • Real estate
  • We provide our clients with a wide range of legal services in all real estate and construction matters, from property transfers and concessions to leasing and subleasing, as well as obtaining the proper documentation, verifying the legal status of lands and buildings, drafting all agreements, assisting our clients in front of public authorities, notary offices and taking care of all related formalities.
  • Economic criminality
  • We provide advice and representation to companies injured by economic crimes, like fraud, embezzelment, fraudulent bankruptcy, company credit abuse or stock transaction offences.
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • In order to avoid bureaucracy and pointless delays, we encourage our clients to employ alternative dispute resolution methods and we are prepared to negociate favourable solutions within arbitration or mediation procedures.
  • Litigation
  • We have the required knowledge and experience to ensure proper representation of our clients in all Romanian courts and in all civil, commercial, fiscal, employment or criminal cases.